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The DON Foundation was founded in 2006 with a clear goal: to cure diabetes type 1. Because, even though diabetes is curable, the disease cannot yet be cured. The complications are far-reaching, from blindness and amputations to heart and kidney failure. Ironically, more is invested in making everyday life more comfortable for patients, than in finding the real solution: a complete cure.

“We started foundation DON because we were looking for something in the diabetes world that we could not find. I thought that there should be a group of people concerned only with curing it. Both then and now, much more money is going towards care than to cure. That surprised me. At DON, every cent goes to cure.”

Maarten de Gruyter, Chairman and founder DON Foundation,
diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at age 7.  

By investing in fundamental scientific research, we hope that one day diabetes will be a thing of the past. The research projects supported by DON are carried out by top researchers in renowned laboratories worldwide. Currently, the DON Foundation finances up to five research projects.

For every purchase of a set of HélOui stickers, €1 will be donated to 'Stichting DON - Stop Diabetes'.

Diabetic or not, you can support this foundation by buying stickers. Now, it's up to you !

The sole purpose is to find a cure