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  • "If I can support a charity by buying stickers to make my sensor look amazing. I'M IN !!!!!"

    Ann-Sophie — [BE]

  • "Héloui makes diabetes so much more acceptable when wearing a visible sign of it"

    Fleur — [BE]

  • "HélOui is a breath of fresh air... It is already bad enough that people stare at me with that chip on my arm. But now there is something beautiful on it"

    Nicky — [UK]

  • "HélOui stickers make the sensor so much better-looking to wear that you don't need or want to hide it anymore"

    Louisa — [FR]

  • "It feels good to buy something beautiful for myself while also helping give others access to the insulin that I take entirely for granted!"

    Andrea — [CA]

  • "HélOui helps to accept the disease, the need and the importance to take care of oneself. It says: don't hide, stand up for yourself"

    Aurore — [FR]

  • "HélOui’s collections are gorgeous! I love the ability to pimp my diabetes devices! And I triple love the fact that you give some of the proceeds to a charity"

    Oliver — [UK]

  • "I like it that your stickers feel so nice. My FreeStyle isn't boring anymore. I can wear it with pride, like a tattoo or some nice clothes"

    Yasmin — [DE]

  • "I am so happy to have found HélOui website. The service is excellent!"

    Monica — [CA]

  • "I am very happy that I can pimp that dull white sensor with HelOui stickers"

    Veroniek — [BE]

  • "Finally, great stickers!!!! Excellent quality, beautiful design, and not ridiculous! Thanks HélOui"

    Anne-Sophie — [BE]

  • "HélOui allows me to express myself and not be ashamed, so thanks HélOui"

    Emma — [SE]

  • "HélOui brings fun to our sensors which we don’t always want to show"

    Deborah — [BE]

  • "HélOui gives me the possibility to choose a new sticker according to my humor, my activities, my friends, ... I fully endorse!"

    Audrey — [BE]

  • "HélOui makes diabetes more joyful. My sensor has become a jewel"

    Eglantine — [BE]

  • "HélOui is a beautiful initiative which gives color to the everyday life of diabetic patients"

    Natasha — [BE]

  • "HélOui gives the opportunity to add some fun to our sensors"

    Virginie — [FR]

  • "HélOui is a twist to begin a new cycle every 15 days, I adore it !!!"

    Anne — [BE]

  • "HélOui collections have become, for me, a real fashion accessory!"

    Claire — [LU]

  • "HélOui is for me synonymous of freshness, color, fun..."

    Dimitri — [BE]

  • "Bravo for everything: the presentation, the quality of the materials used, the speed of delivery, the card accompanying the stickers, the seriousness with which all this is handled. A great initiative!"

    Claude — [BE]

  • "HélOui is a lifestyle, a know-how, an irreproachable service and a support of charity... Thank you"

    Caroline — [CH]

  • "I am very happy to have found HelOui website, there is a lot of choices and the prices are very affordable."

    Stéphanie — [FR]

  • "It’s great, ... I please my son while supporting a charity"

    Aurélie — [CH]

  • "HélOui helps me to accept my diabetes"

    Stefan — [BE]

  • "HélOui brings fun and joy to our serious sensor"

    Mathilde — [FR]

  • "Great, I’m rid of this white spot"

    Arthur — [FR]

  • "With HélOui, I feel more confident"

    Daniel — [CH]

  • "It’s great to be able to personalize my sensors and make them prettier with HélOui stickers"

    Johanna — [SE]

  • "HélOui stickers are great. They bring a touch of lightness to our diabetes"

    Carmelina — [BE]

  • "HélOui is a nice idea which helps us continue to live with our diabetes"

    Vicky — [UK]

  • "I am happy to change my sensor because I know that I am going to choose a new sticker"

    Teresa — [NL]

  • "I finally dare to display my sensors without complex with the "HélOui tattoos new style"

    Paul — [LU]

  • "I’m from now on really proud of my pimped sensor! A big THANK YOU HélOui!!!"

    Veerle — [BE]

  • "Thanks to HélOui stickers, my sensor doesn’t disturb me anymore. I let it be seen by everyone"

    Nadine — [DE]

  • "HélOui is a super nice initiative and I look always forward to wearing a new sticker!"

    Tim — [NL]