Freestyle Libre Sticker - HélOui


Hélo it's me, Héloise, I am 32 years old. I have had diabetes type 1 since the age of 8.

Being a diabetic means having to live with daily constraints: controlling the blood sugar level, making injections, monitoring food, avoiding complications. One has to be vigilant, everywhere, at all times.

At the time of the diagnosis, I promised myself that diabetes would not prevent me from doing what I wanted to do: study, travel, be enterprising, live, love...
I did it. Because in spite of this illness everything is possible, as long as you take serious care of yourself.


Today, I no longer have to prick my finger several times a day to check my blood sugar! The 'FreeStyle Libre' tester gives it to me in real time thanks to a sensor placed on the arm and a reader. A revolution in the follow-up of diabetes.

Diabetes is invisible but the sensor is not .

It constantly reminds me of my disease and reveals it to the people around me. 
It is not really feminine, nor very sexy.
Hence the idea of creating a pretty sticker to dress and personalize it.
Why not make it an accessory with an identity, colour and life?

Here is our collection of 720 stickers for all diabetics, young and old, men, women and children.
A collection for all tastes, judge for yourself.
This web shop is for you: customize your sensor!

 Don’t let diabetes mark you out !